Family Business

Fedde Furniture 1937

Original Fedde Furniture store front on Colorado Blvd., founded in 1937. Picture is circa 1940

Why would any one start a new business during the Great Depression?
In 1937, Arnold and Ellen Fedde started Fedde Furniture on the same block that it stands today. At a time when many businesses were closing one by one, the Fedde Family ventured into the home furnishings business. The goal was simple, offer a quality product at a competitive value that would offer comfort and satisfaction to every customer.
Slowly over time the individual store fronts on Colorado Blvd. were purchased to what is now the current Fedde Furniture location. As additional space and opportunities became available, the family business grew and grew to two more additional showrooms.

Fedde Furniture 1948

Customers line up outside Fedde Furniture for their annual home furnishings and appliance sale. Circa 1948.

One located behind the Colorado Blvd. address at 17 South Sierra Madre, and our newest addition at 32 North Sierra Madre. As the demand for showroom space continues to increase so that we may continue to offer the best variety of quality home furnishings, we have just completed our showroom expansion.
As the family tradition has continued to grow over the years, Don Fedde, second generation, took over as president in 1963. Now Mark Fedde and Melinda Fedde Kenney, third generation continues on the family tradition for many more years to come.
Quality, service and value have been our goals since 1937. For over three generations Fedde Furniture has been providing quality home furnishings at exceptional values. Come in today and let our staff of experienced professionals help you make every room in your home more comfortable. Fedde Furniture, a Southern California family tradition since 1937.

Fedde Furniture Colorado Blvd

Fedde Furniture Colorado Blvd.

Fedde Furniture Sierra Madre Blvd.

Fedde Furniture Sierra Madre Blvd.